The Lake

Joslin Lake is one in a chain of spring-fed lakes in lower Eastern Michigan. From the Great Grandparents through the nieces and nephews, the lake has remained a strong tie for five generations of the Rogers family.


The Designer

Andrew Rogers, founder and principal of Joslin Lake Design, has been drawing in the margins from his earliest days. As a child, he was enrolled in art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art by his 3rd Grade teacher, who recognized his passion for the arts. Throughout high school, he was the kid always drawing cartoons and lampooning friends and teachers through art and illustration. In his college years at Michigan State University, his creative and conceptual talents were developed and honed under the creative eyes of Joe Kuszai and Susan Metros. Upon graduation, he was propelled by a number of creative firms and freelance opportunities in the Lansing (MI) and then Chicago (IL) area.

The Connection

In 1993, Mr. Rogers moved away from freelance and founded Joslin Lake Design—a design firm which blends the work ethic, directness, friendship, and comfort of the lake with the creative, conceptual, organizational, visual energy of design. Throughout his career, Mr. Rogers has created focused, creative, award-winning designs for nearly three decades.

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